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Khubsoorat Collection

Mani Kohli

Mani Kohli

Mani Kohli, a fashion entrepreneur extraordinaire, a name that signifies strength, determination, creativity and relentless passion for work. Mani was born into affluence, the daughter of a British Raj officer father and mother from a wealthy business family. As a young girl with a flair for fashion, Mani moved in India’s most elite and fashionable social circles. Even at that early age, Mani cut and created her own pieces. She was the head girl of her school, she then went on to secure a BA with Honours in Economics and Psychology. Marriage bought Mani to the UK in 1977 where she started exploring fashion as a formal business opportunity. In 1985 she opened her first boutique called "Khubsoorat Collection" in Green Street, East London. And soon became famous as the designer who could turn any woman beautiful.


  • Mani Kohli was the first to set-up an in-house production unit in India.
  • Mani Kohli was the official wardrobe designer for the global superhit film “Bend it Like Beckham”.
  • Mani Kohli is also the wardrobe designer for the soon to be released film “Amar, Akbar and Tony”.
  • Khubsoorat Collection was one of the first fashion houses to have a designer to work with customers directly.
  • One of the first fashion houses to introduce the concept of customization.
  • One of the first brands to bring the concept of choreographed fashion shows to the UK South Asian Fashion world. (Some of the most iconic couture catwalk pieces have been created by Mani for catwalks in the past - the catsuit)
  • Mani Kohli was one of the first UK Asian designers to collaborate with artists/Bollywood stars and cross over into the multi-cultural society.


  • This year marks Khubsoorat’s 25th anniversary with Jay Sean for men and Thara for women.
  • Going places - keeping up with the times, Mani Kohli has taken Khubsoorat online – to reach far and beyond.
  • And this is only the beginning… a Khubsoorat beginning.