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Meet Khubsoorat’s Brand Ambassador: Tasmin Lucia Khan

Choosing Tasmin Lucia Khan as Khubsoorat's brand ambassador reinforces our celebration of multi-talented, dynamic and accomplished women. Find out more about the common vision that she shares with us.

kb-blogBeing the face or ambassador is some serious responsibility. Apart from the cliché red carpet entries, it is a vertical approach to  personal style and strong personality. Mani Kohli and Tasmin Lucia Khan share that same vision of empowerment of women in business, entrepreneurship and strong presence in todays Cat-Meow-Cat world.

“Khubsoorat is a brand I love; rich, beautifully made outfits and always so timeless. I have admired Mani’s work for years, so it was a definite yes when I was approached to be Brand Ambassador for the Khubsoorat Collection.” said Tasmin.

“Style is important to me and I always feel stylish, strong and very beautiful in Khubsoorat couture. Made by a great Indian artisans, Mani Kohli’s Khubsoorat Collection has made me fall in love again with the colours, vibrancy and mystique of Asia.” added the TV presenter, who is currently presenting for American commercial broadcast television NBC.

Recently seen at the prestigious Asian Awards, honoring Asian excellence, the former presenter for ITV News’ Daybreak was wearing a pink princess inspired Indian evening gown by Khubsoorat Collection.

The appointment as the face of Khubsoorat Collection marks a promising milestone, as some of the only other celebrities to be signed, as an ambassador for the fashion brand has been was R&B singer Jay Sean and his wife Thara Natalie.

Mani Kohli, entrepreneur and designer of Khubsoorat says the actress is the ideal choice for the brand: “Tasmin portrays strength, resilience, beauty and intelligence which are true requisites for women empowerment and my beliefs in Khubsoorat representation.”

 “We could not have found a better global ambassador. Choosing Tasmin reinforces our celebration of multi-talented, dynamic and accomplished women,” added the designer.

Established since 1985, Khubsoorat Collection has played a role in globalising Indian heritage and culture through timeless style and design. With a new boutique studio launching soon Mani Kohli has built a brand that offers exclusivity to each of its patrons with their one–off designs.