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Style focus: the lehenga saree

One of the most beautiful trends in Indian fashion wear in recent years, the lehenga saree elegantly combines the traditional saree with a lehenga choli. Normally measuring between 4.5 metres and 5.5 metres long, it is a form of readymade saree that came into existence due to the requirement for a form of artistic, yet easy to wear party and special occasion attire, made famous by celebrities like

What do you need to know about the lehenga saree?

 While traditional sarees can be difficult and time-consuming to put on due to the need for often extensive draping and pleating, the lehenga saree can be quickly slipped into, with the wearer then only being required to fasten the zipper and drape the pallu over their shoulders.

Worn over a petticoat much like a traditional saree and accompanied by a designer blouse called the choli, the lehenga saree is an emblem of entrancing style.

Our lehenga sarees are also renowned for the various types of embroidery patterns with which they are customarily adorned, while embellishments are typically rich and exquisite and can include golden and silvery embroidery, metal beads, wood beads, glass beads, real pearls, glittering stones and sequins. Gorgeous fabrics such as silk, brasso, chiffon, georgette and silk are also routinely used.

Design your dream lehenga saree with Khubsoorat

 We are great believers in the notion that the lehenga saree we craft for you should be created in keeping with your own personality and desired aesthetic.

It is to this end that we take you through a complete tailored design process that includes getting to know you, your vision and intended style before devising the ideas and concepts that will enable us to create a lehenga saree which will look a million dollars on you.

Browse through our extensive range of lehenga saree styles on our website today to gain a deeper appreciation of the work that we have previously undertaken for clients wishing to enjoy the greatest advantages of this stunning and resplendent garment. Then, simply contact our studio so that we can proceed to arrange our first appointment with you.