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The Origins Of The Lengha Choli

While, here at Khubsoorat, we take great pride in the full range of beautiful and exquisite garments that we can create for our clients, there are certain outfits for which we will always have particular affection, not least of which is the lehenga choli. A choli, for those who are unaware, is a midriff-baring blouse or upper garment that has long been central to Indian culture as part of the sari costume customarily worn in the country. The lehenga choli, also known as the ghagra choli or gagra choli, is the traditional form of clothing of women from such Indian states as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

A distinguished history and craftsmanship

While the lengha choli is almost invariably visually enchanting, the story of its origins is no less fascinating. It was once considered to be the royal Indian attire, and came to be worn by all Indian women during the Mughal era. The lehenga choli remains a popular form of women’s clothing at functions and occasions today, and no longer sports exclusively Mughal designs and motifs, with variety in terms of both styles and craftsmanship evident.

Nonetheless, the basic elements that make up the lehenga choli have remained largely unaltered down the years. The complete outfit consists of three elements: a lehenga, which is a form of long, embroidered and pleated skirt, together with a choli and what is known as a dupatta or odhani, which is a long, multi-purpose scarf that can be draped in a multitude of sensuous ways..

Although lehenga cholis in the Mughal era were associated with brocade and silk, there is a much wider range of fabrics available for the garment today, including georgette, velvet, net and chiffon, to name just some of the popular options. Other evolutions in the appearance of the lehenga choli down the years include the emergence of flair, a-line and mermaid styles.

Let us create the most remarkable lehenga choli for you

The story of the lengha choli is a magical one indeed, but we are also great believers in bringing that magic firmly into the present day and weaving new stories of just what a lehenga choli can be.

Contact Khubsoorat today to learn more about the exceptional lehenga cholis that we have created for past clients, and the design process that will enable us to make your own dream outfit a reality.