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Never Forget The Groom

Our brand name Khubsoorat may mean “beautiful” – a term that can certainly be applied to our exquisitely designed and finished Asian bridal wear – but it is also far from unbefitting of our menswear collections. For instance, we offer a remarkable assortment of wedding sherwanis designed by the internationally renowned menswear designer Saran Kohli, whose impeccable taste is apparent throughout our men’s collections.

What is a sherwani?

A sherwani is a long coat-like garment traditionally worn on the Indian subcontinent, largely resembling a British frock coat or Polish żupan. It originated in the 19th-century British India as the European-style court dress for the Mughal dynasty’s nobles and royals.

Different types of sherwani have come to be associated with different religious groups – the simple sherwani with Muslims, and the achkan sherwani, distinguished by its lining, shorter length and manufacture from heavier suiting fabrics, with Hindus.

To this day, sherwanis continue to be widely worn across India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and beyond, often incorporating detailed embroidery or patterns and different choices of lower garment. They have also been worn by many Bollywood, sport and political celebrities.

Invest in a quintessential wedding sherwani

Those on the lookout for the most resplendent groom’s wedding sherwani could not hope to make a better choice than one of the many handsome options from the Punjab or Heritage Collections at Khubsoorat.

Perhaps your idea of the dream wedding sherwani is a velvet short coat with zardozi embroidery and dhoti salwar, or even a heavily embellished silk velvet panelled anarkali sherwani. Alternatively, you may favour such an item as a grey and gold block print sherwani with sequin and beadwork embellishment, or a midnight blue and gold brocade with gold embellishment.

These are all options in our highly innovative and ever-evolving collections here at Khubsoorat. Or if you desire the design of a bespoke sherwani for your wedding, this can also be catered for when you arrange a consultation with us.

Our design process helps to ensure that you are wearing nothing less than the wedding sherwani of your dreams when you tie the knot. Simply enquire to our friendly and professional team here at Khubsoorat now about how we can make it a reality.