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Sherwanis are central to Asian weddings

One item in which we will always be delighted to specialise here at Khubsoorat is the sherwani, and with good reason. There are simply few more fundamental pieces of formal Indian men’s clothing that also embody so much of our own philosophy of combining the finest and most fascinating aesthetics of East and West.

Sherwanis, after all, originated in 19th-century British India as a European-style court dress favoured by northern Indian nobles and royals. This long, coat-like garment bears much resemblance to the British frock coat, which is not a coincidence: it represents a fusion of that item with the kurta or pajama.

As with so many fashions down the ages that have first found favour among royals and aristocrats, the sherwani eventually saw widespread adoption among the general population as occasional traditional attire. It should not, therefore, be a great surprise that sherwanis remain a staple of Indian men’s wedding clothing to this day.

The story of the sherwani is a wide-ranging one

Sherwanis have been worn with great grace in non-nuptial settings by many of the most distinguished men, ranging from the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah to composer A. R. Rahman. But the sherwani continues to be irrevocably associated with the Indian wedding ceremony, albeit seeing slightly different use in different parts of the subcontinent.

Hindus, for instance, are generally associated with the wearing of achkan sherwanis, which are an especially common sight in Punjab, Rajasthan, Jammu, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. This compares to the simple sherwani historically preferred by Muslims, with the two types differing in the simple sherwani’s tendency to be more flared at the hips, while also being shorter than achkan sherwanis.

There are, of course, also many ways to wear a sherwani in an Asian wedding ceremony. However, certain standard ‘rules of thumb’ also apply here, including being careful not to over-accessorise a sherwani, as well as not to wear it solo, given how uncomfortable it can be to wear one without another item inside.

For the most refined but also eye-catching and suitably tailored sherwanis that do all of the right things for your aesthetic at your 2017 wedding, don’t hesitate to talk to Khubsoorat.