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How to select the best-suited saree to your body type

If you are a repeat Khubsoorat customer, particularly of our acclaimed bespoke service, you may be long-accustomed to us pulling off apparent miracles with beautiful sarees that somehow perfectly and immediately fit your personal aesthetic and body shape.

However, the truth is that even the most gorgeous sarees do typically need to be tailored to the often widely varying figures of their various wearers.

Here are some of the loose guidelines that you need to bear in mind when choosing, assembling and arranging a saree to look and feel great on your body, whatever the occasion or circumstance for which you may have decided to purchase it.

Some general advice for stylish saree wear

Before we proceed onto more specific discussion of how you can adjust or style your saree to suit your particular body style, there are certain matters that should come to any woman’s mind when she is seeking to purchase the perfect saree. These include the matter of how they can select the ideal saree for their complexion, as well as what specific fabric they should use in their saree.

As for the ‘must don’ts’, there are many relating to the saree, including to generally avoid large prints, given that these can make the body look both bigger and gaudy. Colour will always be a key factor with sarees as well, of course, with overweight ladies generally looking better in dark colours. The border of the saree, meanwhile, is often best broadened when the wearer is tall, and best narrower or non-existent for shorter women.

Which saree styles are the ideal match to my body?

Women with pear-shaped bodies have heavier bottoms compared to their upper body, and may therefore be well-suited to saree fabrics like chiffon and georgette, which can help to balance out their upper and lower parts.

Another, very different type of body is the apple-shaped body, which is characterised by its particular heaviness around the bust and stomach. Sarees incorporating beautiful embroidery work are especially good choices for these women, given how it complements their body type.

There are naturally many other common body types exhibited by women who approach us for beautiful sarees here at Khubsoorat. If you are especially slim, for example, there are many cotton, silk and organza sarees that will help to give the impression of a fuller figure.

Voluptuous women, however, will probably wish to draw attention to their curves with a saree that does not feel too heavy or stiff. If, though, you are quite tall and slim, you may even be able to pull off big bold prints in a broad assortment of colours – indeed, sarees like this can be advantageous for diverting viewers’ focus from your height.

Benefit from our highly rated bespoke approach

Amid our constant work to define and refine what beautiful sarees are and can be, there’s plenty of evidence that Khubsoorat is the place to turn for gorgeous, relevant and up-to-date Asian fashions.

Contact our team today, and you will be able to learn more about how even the most time-honoured design touches can be made modern, chic and relevant in the context of today’s cosmopolitan fashion scene, while making the most of our complete bespoke services.