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Which hairstyle may most flatter your lehenga choli?

We have long had a special appreciation here at Khubsoorat for the exceptional beauty of the lehenga choli. This traditional Indian two-part garment consists of a skirt (lehenga) and choli (blouse), and remains strongly associated with the wedding and festival seasons across the Indian subcontinent.

However, closely accompanying the question of how your own lehenga choli can be most suitably designed, stitched, styled and embroidered is that of the choice of hairstyle that will ensure your ensemble is a truly jaw-dropping one.

Here are some of our longstanding favourites to give you some invaluable inspiration.

Side-swept ponytail with middle-parted bangs

This timeless hairstyle preferred by so many Bollywood divas has been given a suitably modern sensibility by the loose, casual style in which Shruti Hasan wears it. So why not embrace the look for yourself to draw attention to your facial features, with the loose pony falling on your shoulders?

Up do with back puff

For a glamorous and surprisingly easy-to-create reinvention of the simple bun, there are few better options for turning heads than this updo, particularly when paired with gorgeous earpieces. With your bangs pinned up on the sides and the bun rolled up in a bouffant-style puff, you will have the effortless elegance that will leave onlookers marvelling.

One side sweep

We have long been fans here at Khubsoorat of any means by which the finest in both time-honoured Asian and Western styles can be combined, of which the one side sweep is an easily achieved example. It may be a staple of the red-carpet look of many a Hollywood actress, but with its chic simplicity, it is also a hairstyle that lends itself well to Indian-style accessorising.

Intricate low bun

A fancy low bun in many ways represents the perfect match to a lehenga choli, from a both visual and practical perspective. It saves you the need to constantly brush up your hair as you socialise, while also nicely framing your face and complementing a neckline that you may have gone to great effort to embellish. You may prefer this hairstyle to long tresses that prevent you from showing off your back and shoulders to the greatest advantage.

Long glossy curls

This look reminiscent of Priyanka Chopra is another wonderfully straightforward one to mimic. It’s an especially fabulous hairstyle if you are fortunate enough to have hair exceeding shoulder-length, given the scope to twist it into long glossy curls that sit upon your shoulders and frame your face.

Naturally, your hairstyle and lehenga choli are likely to be just two of the many carefully-considered elements of your look for your next special occasion. By allowing Khubsoorat to handle the complete design process for your outfit, you can be sure of exuding the utmost sophistication, femininity and timelessness that will make you feel like your very best.