If there is one day of your life when you will wish to look and feel as special as can be, it is the day when you are to be married. So, what are the best makeup tips for ensuring that you make a truly breathtaking impression on your beloved and guests throughout your wedding ceremony?

  1. Cleanse your face

It may appear to be obvious advice, but Indian brides are often especially fond of bold and bright colours for their marriage ceremonies. If you are one of them, you will wish to ensure that you look just as incredible at the end of your wedding day as you do at the start.

It is therefore advisable to start by thoroughly cleansing your face and patting it dry to remove any traces of dirt or oil that may compromise your efforts to achieve the most stunning aesthetic.

     2. Use golden-toned bases and concealers

These are the products that will translate better for both photography and video – and let’s face it, you will want the version of you that you reflect on in stills and footage for years to come to be the most resplendent-looking you!


     3- Wear the lipstick that complements your look

Fuller lips are especially well-suited to darker shades like maroon and dark red. Meanwhile, we would suggest a shade of pink or light pink for thin lips. Remember that you can always use a lip plumper to further perfect your pout.

  1. Use bronzer for a chiselled appearance

Bronzer can be important for giving yourself a sharper look in photographs. Contouring can help you to better flaunt features such as your cheekbones and nose, but you should be careful not to overdo it.

  1. Take cues from your dress

Your chosen dress will inevitably be one of the centrepieces of your wedding, and an element that everyone will remember for many years after the event.

That’s why it may be a very good idea to provide your makeup artist with a photo of your dress, from which they can take cues. Alternatively, if you haven’t selected a dress yet, handing them images of some of your favourites from our collections of ‘off-the-shelf’ Indian bridal gowns here at Khubsoorat should give them a sense of your tastes.

Is the personal style to which you aspire for your wedding refined and understated, or perhaps chic and sensuous… or maybe even the classic ‘Cinderella’? Whatever your desired aesthetic, it should be reflected in both your makeup and your gown.

Trust Khubsoorat to create the gorgeous outfit that will help you to celebrate tying the knot in the very finest Asian style – in the process, also creating magical memories that will last for a lifetime.