If Asian style sensibility seems much more central to the British psyche today than may have been the case just a few decades ago, this transformation has much to do with the hard work of Khubsoorat and its founder, Mani Kohli, in advancing the cause of ethnic fashion.

Today, Khubsoorat remains synonymous with a distinctly 21st-century Asian style. It is a fashion house specialising in the most exquisite bespoke Asian wedding dresses, groom wear and fusion style, inspired by the longstanding traditions of this remarkable continent, but also at once confidently contemporary and Western.

A long history of catering to the cosmopolitan customer

One only needs to look to a quick roll-call of the celebrities to have signalled their appreciation of Khubsoorat fashion down the years – ranging from Theresa May, H.R.H. Prince Andrew and Cherie Blair to Meera Syall, Tasmin Lucia Khan and Lydia Bright – to gain a sense of how the brand’s effortless elegance has permeated well beyond British Asian culture.

Over our more than three decades in business since our establishment in 1985, we have made almost 3,500 garments to order, served 143 countries around the world and been able to claim almost 2,900 happy customers. Our luxurious, innovative and beautifully constructed fashions have also earned us wide-ranging media and press coverage among such outlets as the Evening Standard, Metro, ITV, Channel 4, WeddingChannel and Eastern Eye.

However, these are achievements that would never have been possible without the impeccable taste, watchful eye and effervescent personality of our founder, Mani Kohli. It was her, after all, who brought the brand to life at a time when there was by no means a wide range of unique and exquisite Asian fusion wear on offer to cosmopolitan customers in the UK or USA.

Pride in our continuing success story

While Khubsoorat has etched out quite the reputation in the cultivation of timeless and feminine ethnic fashion ranging from the most artistic Asian wedding dresses to vaunted collections such as Studs & Roses, Sunny Leone, Blossom & Blooms and Royal Couture, we are never thinking about our past for long.

Instead, we remain occupied with our goal of continuing to produce the cutting-edge and relevant fashions – whether for new ‘off the shelf’ collections or on a bespoke basis – that will help to keep the finest Asian sensibilities at the forefront of the British fashion scene for many more years to come.