The ability of a would-be bride and groom to mutually appreciate what may be the significant cultural or religious differences between them can be one of the most magical things about their union – as we are well-placed to know here at Khubsoorat!

Our brand has, after all, been at the forefront of the last few decades of Asian fusion fashion, demonstrating that it genuinely is possible to meld together the influences of different sartorial cultures in ways that bring out the best of both.

So, if you are due to tie the knot with someone who is not of your own culture and you wish to hold a thoroughly triumphant multicultural wedding, what would our best advice be?

Maintain a spirit of open-mindedness and acceptance  

It is important to remember that when you are marrying outside your native culture, you are not only marrying into another family – you are, to some extent, effectively marrying into a different set of cultural beliefs and traditions.

The opportunity to become intimately acquainted with another culture through the formalisation of your union with your beloved should be seen as an honour, not a hindrance.

It is something truly special to experience wonderful and treasured values with which you may have thus far been unfamiliar, but which have been passed through the generations. But it does also necessitate a spirit of open-mindedness and acceptance towards every aspect of the ceremony, for you as a couple, but also your respective families and potential wedding guests.

Remember that a cultural practice that may seem strange and foreign to one observer can, from another person’s perspective, be utterly beautiful, graceful and respectful.

What real implications should this have for your wedding planning?

There are various concrete implications that the distinctive mix of cultures from which you and your beloved originate can have for the planning of your nuptials.

It is crucial, for example, to carefully consider how, when and to what extent your respective parents and grandparents will be involved in helping to organise your wedding. When your union is one of different cultures, it can sometimes seem that every member of your two families has an opinion or idea as to what the wedding ceremony should look and feel like.

You should certainly consider what elements of a traditional wedding in your own culture would be missed by your parents or grandparents if they were absent, before you begin to plan how they can be incorporated into your multicultural ceremony and reception.

Care should also be taken in this process to ensure that no one culture is allowed to take clear precedence over the other on the day.

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