Given our commitment here at Khubsoorat to the creation of the most beautiful, innovative and tasteful Asian and Indian evening gowns, bridal wear and men’s clothing alike, it should be of little surprise that our pieces have been proudly worn by many a prominent public figure. Indeed, a great number of the well-known individuals to have embraced our stunning Asian fashions are not merely widely recognised, but also active and accomplished at the very top of their respective fields.

Plaudits and attention in the mainstream media

Just consider the example of the current British Prime Minister, Theresa May. The then-Home Secretary attended the prestigious Asian Women Achievement Awards in May 2010, and certainly signalled her admiration of ethnic fashion with her choice of an elegant blue crystal encrusted sari that also received extensive coverage in the mainstream media.

However, many other similarly celebrated figures from across such fields as politics, cinema, media, music and sport have long turned to the extremely well-crafted and diverse creations of our effervescent founder, Mani Kohli. They range from H.R.H. Prince Charles and H.R.H. Prince Andrew to Jay Sean, Meera Syall and many more of the most respected and accomplished men and women of the decades since our brand’s 1985 launch.

A brand ambassador of whom we can be extremely proud

We could cite many more examples of the wonderful uses of Khubsoorat fashions by household-name stars down the years. Who could possibly forget, for instance, the spellbinding sight of The Only Way is Essex star Lydia Bright in her remarkable shimmering gold Khubsoorat gown at the prestigious Asian Awards in 2016? With its cluster of French bugle and glass sequins highlighted by metallic gold, we could hardly be surprised that Lydia declared the ensemble made her feel like a princess.

Or, for another example of the high-achieving, multi-talented and widely admired women who are attracted to the values and aesthetic of Khubsoorat, what about Tasmin Lucia-Khan? The British film producer and television personality – famed for her work for the BBC and ITV – has been named Khubsoorat Brand Ambassador, a distinction she accepted with her customary grace with the observation that “Style is important to me and I always feel stylish, strong and very beautiful in Khubsoorat couture.”

From Liam Blackwall and Thara Natalie-Sean to Cherie Blair and Jessica Grant, the vaunted names to have expressed their admiration of Khubsoorat fashions continue to multiply – and we can’t wait to continue making both their and your dreams come true.